Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop

start-here-signThis is truly the beginning of something…interesting. Zombies for Breakfast (and Other Curiosities) is my bloggy little brainchild and I’m happy to be smashing the proverbial champagne bottle on this post.

Really, I’m looking forward to dumping all my silliness and day to day strangeness into one outlet, where I can sort it out via categories. If you’re actually considering following my blog (and I dare say you should. I’m awesome), there are some things you can expect to read about:

~My day to day life in Costa Rica


~My random obsessions

~Correct grammar (when it suits my needs), but more often than not, made up words

~My cat (Be Warned: I am a cat lady)

~Awesome nerdy stuff that I lovevaporeon-pokemon-card-rare

~Fun girly stuff


~Books and literature (The post title is a quote from Alice in Wonderland, by the way)

~Occasional health and yoga stuff

So if that sounds like something you can really get on board with, then come join me at the uncool kids’ table and maybe we can swap Pokemon cards (do you have any rare Vaporeons?).

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