My New Yoga Studio

Because I live on the jaw-droppingly exorbitant sum of $1,000 a month, I have to keep myself on a fairly strict budget. No expensive yoga studios for me.

That being said, sometimes making due with what you have is better than any studio.

I’ve been using my balcony as my yoga practice area.


  • Is outside
  • Direct access to sunshine and breezes
  • View of pretty trees and rushing river
  • Extra bonus Zen feeling of practicing yoga outside by a river, rather than having to listen to a recording of a rushing river while practicing indoors


  • Is slightly in view of a main road, meaning passersby can sort of see me, and cars honk occasionally
  • The sound of the river is so loud it drowns out the narrative instruction on the yoga videos
  • Can see trash in the river, and it sometimes smells
  • Balcony floor gets extremely dirty due to exposure to the elements

Then again…

That view makes it all worth it! :)

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