A Nerdy Girl with Nerdy Curls: A Sock Bun Curl Review

So, I have extremely long hair nowadays. In fact, right now my hair is the longest it’s been in about 8 or 9 years. I wish I could say I do a lot with my long hair and that I know how to do intricate styles and braids and things…but I’m way too lazy for that. My usual hair routine consists of four things:

1. Wash

2. Condition

3. Comb

4. Air dry

Sometimes, when I want to shake things up a little bit, I even put my hair in a ponytail. (Sorry if that’s too crazy. I can be kind of a wild child)

Anyhoo, I recently found this awesome picture on Pinterest.com along with tutorial for a no-heat curl technique called Sock Bun Curls.

Who WOULDN'T want hair like this?

Since my hair is naturally rather wavy (although heavily weighed down by its length at the moment), I figured this would be a nice, low maintenance way to style my hair. And the webpage itself practically PROMISES perfect curls.

Here’s what you do:

1. Grab a long sock. Any men’s dress sock will do. Cut the toe off, but save the cut off fabric (You’ll need it again in a second)

2. Roll the sock up into a ginormous donut

3. Take the fabric from the sock-toe you cut off. Cut the center out, making it into a wide ring, like a hair tie (which is how you’ll be using it)

My dress sock "donut" and my make-shift hair tie

This style works best if you start with completely dry hair or VERY slightly damp hair.

4. Gather your hair into a ponytail right at the top of your head and secure it with your ugly new hair tie (the looser hair tie will ensure you don’t have a crease in your hair when you take the ponytail out later)

5. Either spray your dry hair slightly with water to dampen it, or do this when your hair is slightly damp

6. Feed the end of your ponytail through the sock donut and roll it down until the bun is tight against your head

(Not sure how to do this? This website has an AWESOME video demonstration! It’s also where I got the sock bun hair picture.)

Here I am with the my hair all rolled up in the sock bun ~~~~~>

It's a perfect-looking ballerina bun

I have to say, part of the allure of this hair styling method is the sock bun itself. You don’t need to secure it with any pins if you’ve rolled it tightly enough. It’s super comfortable to sleep in, and if you’re in a rush in the morning, you won’t look like a COMPLETE lunatic if you run out for coffee with your hair still in this style.

In the morning, you roll the sock bun out of your hair, pull out your hair tie, and voila! Curls!!!

Here’s what my first attempt looked like ~~~~~~~>

Attempt #1

While this picture makes Attempt #1 look highly successful, my hair was still very damp after I took the sock bun out. I concluded that I needed to start with my hair dry and spray it rather than towel-dry it and put it up straight away.

In preparation for Attempt #2, I bought Frizz Ease Curl Spray. I put my hair in a ponytail, sprayed it with (probably too much) curl spray and rolled it up for the night.

Here’s what it looked like the next day ~~~~~~~>

Attempt #2

My hair felt a little crispy from the amount of curl spray, and it also felt a little frizzy. The next night, I put my hair in its ponytail and worked a little leave-in conditioner into my hair. THEN, I sprayed it lightly with the curl spray.

Here’s Attempt #3 ~~~~~~~~~~>


FINALLY! This time my curl had just the right amount of definition without all the frizz!

Ultimately, I think the sock bun curl style DEFINITELY works! I just think it works best if you give it some time and work out the kinks for yourself. Only you know what products and combinations work best on your hair.

Hope you guys found this post/review vaguely helpful!!! Now go curl your hair :)

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