3 Foreign Zombie Movies That Are Definitely Worth Watching


It’s tough not to be overwhelmed with choices when you’re searching for a new zombie movie to watch. There are an absurd amount of zombie films out there, and it’s difficult to dig through the duds to find the gems. And while there are tons of great English language zombie flicks out there, you shouldn’t count out the foreign films. These are 3 foreign zombie films (with subtitles) that are, in my humble opinion, AMAZING.

1. [REC]


REC is the story of late-night news anchor Angela and her cameraman, Pablo. Their slow-news-day ride along with local fireman goes terrifyingly awry when they wind up quarantined in an apartment building with tenants who have been exposed to a strange new illness. If you find that summary description familiar-sounding, it’s because REC was remade into the sub-par English film Quarantine in 2008. I’ve seen both, and my loyalties are firmly in the REC camp for a variety of reasons. REC is a found footage-style film, and the Spanish version simply seems more realistic than the higher-tech American version. Additionally, the ending of Quarantine does little to explain the weird illness spreading through the apartment building, while REC wraps up with a subtle explanation that leads to a bone-chilling finale. In fact, the REC franchise has been so successful that the movie has spawned  2 sequels.

2. The Horde


When my boyfriend Netflixed the Horde one evening, I had no idea that it would turn into a zombie movie. The action packed beginning of this 2009 French film follows a group of policemen trying to avenge the death of one of their own at the hands of vicious Parisian drug dealer. When their vengeance plan backfires, the police group is captured only to be forced into an unlikely alliance with the drug dealer and his cronies when an impossibly massive horde of zombies floods the area. The cast of characters are all strange and morally ambiguous, making it difficult to root for them at first, but you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the end of the film. The zombies in the movie are fast, savage, and absolutely horrifying.

Bonus: This movie features on hell of a strong female character!

3. Juan of the Dead


If you’re the kind of zombie fan that prefers belly laughs over shivers, then Juan of the Dead will be your kind of film. A B-movie with wit and heart, Juan of the Dead  follows the titular Juan, a deadbeat dad who’s never done anything productive with his life, his daughter, and his unusual gang of friends as Cuba devolves into an island of the undead. Juan and Co use the apocalypse to their advantage, creating a business with the tagline “Juan of the Dead: we kill your loved ones.” The business prospers, but eventually Cuba becomes so overrun with zombies that the ragtag group must escape the island…if they can.

Bust out the popcorn, turn out the lights, lock your door, and prepare to be scared by these   completely awesome foreign zombie movies.

And if you have more foreign zombie movie suggestions, be sure to mention them in the comments!

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