My First 3 Super-Nerdy Celebrity Crushes


I think most people remember their first big celebrity crush. You saw them on screen at the age of 7 or 8 and were overcome with unusual FEELINGS. Here are the 3 biggest celeb crushes from my childhood, and *surprise surprise!*–they’re all SUPER GEEKY!

1. Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

I can’t remember how old I was when I first introduced to Star Wars, but knowing my Dad, I was probably pretty young. I can recall having an extensive knowledge of the original trilogy and being as young as 4th or 5th grade. No matter what age I was, though, I do remember the impression Han Solo made on me. He was handsome, brave, and above all else, a scoundrel. His relationship with Leia seemed exciting and dangerous and wonderful all at the same time.

Bonus points* I also LOVED Indiana Jones as a kid, which made Harrison Ford that much more swoon-worthy!

2. Angel (David Boreanaz)

Again, I’m delving so far back into my past that I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched Buffy with my family. I do remember the show becoming a weekly ritual, and I remember being pretty obsessed with it in 4th/5th grade specifically. I read the Buffy chapter books and loved all the episodes of the show. And especially, I loved Angel. How could you not? The bad boy looks, the deeply-disturbed charm, the all-over emo appeal. And that hair! Gelled to perfection!

I was DEVASTATED when Angel turned evil! DEVASTATED!!!! And when he kills poor Giles’ girlfriend? Mind= BLOWN. Heart = BROKEN.

3. Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

I was in 8th grade with the Fellowship of the Ring was first released in theaters. I had already read all of the Lord of the Rings books, and I had watched the animated versions of the Hobbit and the Return of the King enough times to be VERY familiar with the story. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was SEXY SEXY LEGOLAS!!!

That moment in the film when he first arrives at the Last Homely House, and you see that shot of him looking up…



For the next several years, Orlando Bloom was my DREAM GUY. Especially since I was notoriously single throughout pretty much all of high school. I had a Legolas bookmark that I used until it literally fell apart.

And then, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean came out, and my sweet Orlando was just as sexy (if not sexier) as a brunette! #winning

These days my geek crush looks a lot more like this:


But that doesn’t keep me from referring to these three as….


Too hot for even Link to handle!
Too hot for even Link to handle!

Who were your nerdiest celeb crushes from childhood?

7 thoughts on “My First 3 Super-Nerdy Celebrity Crushes

  1. Oh my, what a brilliant topic! I remember having a crush on Spike when I was in Junior school (8-10 yo maybe?). That bit where he’s on the subway fighting a previous Slayer, in his leather coat. Mmmmm *drool*. I guess I would have fallen for Angel too if I’d seen an episode with him – my parents banned me from watching Buffy til I was 15 or 16!

    Seconding you on Legolas. I think he was the first person I had a romantic dream about… ;-)
    My third crush was Aragorn. Dark and ruggedly handsome with a super sexy voice. There is also a Tumblr devoted to all the sexy, kinky secrete desires people have about LotR characters…. Amazing and scarring by turns!

    And if you’re one for geeky comics and Dungeons and Dragons, check out DM of the Rings. It is full of absolutely brilliant screengrabs and sarcastic comments, and general D&D geekery. :D

      1. LOOL! Now that I’m older, I find Spike more attractive. He’s a brit and his humor is much better than Angel’s “wah wah I have a souuuul!” shiznit. Definitely had romantic dreams about Legolas too! Hahahahahaha! However I’m not sure I’d want a dude with hair as long as mine in real life. I would have to vaccum ALL THE TIME. Our hair would be everywhere. And the shower would constantly clog.

        1. hahahaha! I love Spike, even though his accent sucks. :D

          Yeah, those are the downsides of living with a guy with long hair. Mine had hair past his waist, long, silky, wavy and dark blonde, then he got fed up with it and hacked it off with a knife. In my living room. This was despite me offering to cut it for him several times previously! *sigh*

          1. Lol! Knife-hacking your hair sounds kind of sexy though! I help my BF buzz his hair all the time. It’s a nice coupley thing to do :-)

  2. I had to re-read this. I’m laughing at two of the three of your answers (Harrison Ford is a total bad ass!). I can see Angel to a point. He’s kind of sexier now as he’s older (and not playing a vamp). Bloom on the other hand…I just don’t get that one. Must be a chick thing.

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