Last night was the season premiere of the Walking Dead, and it was pretty damn excellent. Did you watch it?  I was wholly satisfied with the set up, the excitement, and I’m itching to know where this season’s story is headed.

Beware, mateys, there be spoilers ahead!

So. I don’t usually do recaps of television shows on my blog, mostly because there are so many other blogs out there doing wonderful recaps. And also because I don’t actually have AMC or cable, and I have to visit my parents’ house to even watch The Walking Dead, and sometimes I’m too busy to do that. Consistency, especially in the wake of my new job, isn’t really my thing.

All things and excuses aside, let’s talk about TWD.

First Impressions…

-Everyone is paired up and it’s adorable. Glen and Maggie are Glen&Maggie-ing, Tyrese has a crush on the curly-haired lady from Woodbury, Daryl and Carol are getting their flirt on, and even Beth is getting some action

-Beth’s boyfriend is Beaver from Veronica Mars and I am excited. “He might even last a few episodes!” I said to my skeptical parents and boyfriend.

-The prison is really looking homey and nice. There are children and Carl even has a Woody Allen lookalike friend.

-I’m hoping that our newly introduced army medic black guy character doesn’t immediately die and continue TWD’s tradition of only having 1 black male character at a time

-Rick’s new bout of pacifism is understandable but ultimately useless in a world with zombies

Final Results…

-Of course, the only character that I openly declare  will live a few episodes had to die IMMEDIATELY. RIP Beaver aka Beth’s Boyfriend. We hardly knew ye.

-Awesome army medic guy DID NOT die, and this gives me faith. Also, the little scene of his indecision with alcohol gives me confidence that they are taking the time to develop his character, and hopefully his story will be a worthwhile one. Also, what could be more useful to their team than an ARMY MEDIC? I can’t believe they’d ever allow him to risk his life outside of the prison. His skills are so valuable!

-So Rick hangs out with creepy, crazy Clara all episode and she is sufficiently creepy and crazy. She proves that this zombie apocalyptic world can make you nuts, but I don’t think she quite inspired Rick to start carrying his gun again. Only time will tell.

-Carl’s Woody Allen/Harry Potter lookalike friend doesn’t even make it through the episode. And he reanimates in the shower in the jail! This doesn’t bode well for our group…

My Top 3 Moments

1. Zombie hanging from the roof by it’s entrails. Hell yes! (Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of this)

The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

2. Beth’s total ice queen reaction to the death of her boyfriend and her “This is an accident free work place” sign

3. Zombie with the freaky eyes! I’m pretty sure he’s important and meant to be foreshadowing, and look how freaking AWESOME that makeup is!

I see you....

I see you….

What are your thoughts about this episode???

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  1. Forge-Silvershield Reply

    I’ve heard a lot of complaints of the first new episode being boring. It was trying to fill in the time missing in-between. I loved the walkers dropping from the ceiling!! It was a new element of fear. Plus the ones landing head first!?! Squishy!

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