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  1. April Bates Reply

    Just wanted to point out to you that in an earlier post you were concerned about some Dr Who memes being “sexist” and “harmful”, but you have now posted a meme that says “damn this vaginas huge”. That’s way more “sexist” and “harmful” then just making fun of some girls who are only light weight Who fans or are just too young to know the full extent of the Dr. I am not chastising you just thought I would point it out for you to consider.

    • kaiwilli Reply

      I appreciate your point, April, but I can’t say that I agree with it. The Spiderman post is straight ridiculous in every sense of the word. I think that the “Damn, this vagina is huge” panel of that post is silly, but I wouldn’t call it sexist. It’s not debasing the vagina, nor is it invalidating it’s opinion. It’s not gaslighting the vagina. It’s just a statement. “Damn, this vagina is huge.” And the fact is: it’s not a vagina. It’s curtains. I think the Spiderman meme is just a collection of straight up ridiculous statements/sayings about the animation the Spiderman cartoon. It’s supposed to ridiculous and funny.

      Besides, there’s nothing wrong with giant vaginas, in my opinion. I’m in favor of vaginas of all sizes.

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