Sure, the orange clashes a bit, but things are looking festive around here

Sure, the orange clashes a bit, but things are looking festive around here

I know it’s a been awhile since I posted something that wasn’t just a funny picture. Sorry about that. I needed to take some time to take care of myself and my mental health in the wake of some serious job stress.

Right now that job stress is somewhat less, and perhaps it will continue to stay at this more manageable level. I hope so. Stress or no stress, I’ve been absolutely working my ass off. I’m currently, single-handedly managing marketing campaigns for 3 massive events. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. When I’m done (in May), I will be so damn hire-able that I’m sure every marketing company this side of the Rockies will be clamoring to have me. (Lol). Or, at the very least, I will have gained a metric fuck-ton of experience and marketable skills–hopefully enough to land me a job in Chicago in the near-ish future.

In the meantime, I’ve found a bit of peace and quiet at home. Enough to decorate for the holidays a bit, on a sparse budget. The “Peace & Joy” banner was made by hand in my off hours, while sipping beers and watching Doctor Who with my newly-converted Whovian boyfriend.

Our pint-sized tree is awfully twinkly!

Our pint-sized tree is awfully twinkly!

Javi even took the time to put Christmas lights up in our very tall windows, so our apartment now has a homey glow that can be seen from the street.

It’s hard to believe 2013 is coming to a close. It’s been an incredibly eventful year for me, with some very big ups and downs. I’m eagerly awaiting some time off around Christmas to eat delicious food, unwrap the occasional present, and most of all: spend quality time with friends and family.

What are your Christmas plans?

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  1. Monique Muro Reply

    Love your little tree! Glad the job is feeling less stressful for you too. I’m looking forward to the holidays as well, I still need to get my tree! Haha. Also, new blog design looks beautiful! :)

    • kaiwilli Reply

      Thank you so much! I’m still trying really hard to figure everything out, but I think I’m getting better at managing my time.

      I’d love to see pics of your tree when you get it up and decorated! :-)

  2. keelyellenmarie Reply

    I’m liking the re-design lady! Spiffy!

    I’m also glad to hear the job is going a little better, and that you’re kicking so much ass!

    My new job is great so far, but it’s only day two. Also, I’ve been here an hour and haven’t done much other than fuck around, which seems to be a problem with doing web research for a job that I still need to figure out.

    Anyhow, I hope we get to chat soon, and I look forward to reading more from you again when you’re ready. :)

    • kaiwilli Reply

      Thank you, Keely!! It was definitely time for a re-design, and I’m pretty happy with the layout. My only misgiving is the icky green color for all the hover-over links, but WordPress won’t let me change it unless I pay $30 for the right to fiddle with my CSS. Lame sauce.

      I can’t wait to hear more about your new job. It sounds like the perfect fit for you, and I hope it truly is. :-)

      I’m trying to adhere to an editorial calendar now, so we’ll see if I can commit to posting on a more regular basis.

  3. oneawkwardyear Reply

    SO cute! You are kicking ASS at work and you’ll get there. I have no tips on time management or how to take care of ones person in the midst of stress except to just remind yourself that you’re amazing and you’ve got it in the BAG and watch as much Dr. Who as you can squeeze in.

    • kaiwilli Reply

      Thank you, Liz!!!! :-) Seriously, all of the niceness and support I’m getting from readers about my mental health, job stress, and general blogging hiatus is both astounding and heartwarming–almost too heartwarming to bear!

      And rest assured, I am definitely not scrimping on Doctor Who-watching. And also Arrow. Have you seen Arrow? So many abs…

      • oneawkwardyear Reply

        I have NOT seen Arrow but “so many abs” is pretty much the best endorsement ever so…Christmas break catchup might be in order!

        Also: you’re SPIDERMAN, yo! Clearly the internet believes in you too haha

        • kaiwilli Reply

          Lol! I’m pretty sure that quiz result re-validated my self opinion and outlook on life! :-) And yes…handsome shirtless dudes abound in Arrow. It’s awesome!

  4. Christy P Reply

    Your apartment is so cute! I love the lights on the windows too. They look so pretty.

    My fiance actually watched all the Clara episodes with me recently and then told me not to tell him anything about The Day of the Doctor because he wants to watch it. I was kind of stunned but extremely excited! However if you ask him if he likes Doctor Who, he will still make a face and say “it’s ok.”

    And I have some *awesome* advice for your job stress: Just channel your inner Martha Jones and you will be fine. You’ll be a rock star! ;)

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