A Geeky Girl’s Christmas Wishlist

Most girls have a Christmas wishlist. Mine is just nerdier than most. Here are some of the latest items I’m wishing will wind up in my stocking come Christmas morning.

1. Tiny TARDIS necklace

via thesistersruehl shop on Etsy.com

I’m in love with this adorable TARDIS necklace! It’s not over-the-top, so I could easily wear it to work and not worry about it being too abrasive.

2. Cozy Batman Pullover

via Hottopic.com
via Hottopic.com

Sometimes a girl wants to be warm and cuddly in a Batman sweater. And that girl is me. Need I say more?

3. Pokeball earrings

via aLilBitOfCute shop on Etsy.com
via aLilBitOfCute shop on Etsy.com

I want to be the very best…dressed when I have these earrings! Again, this is another subtle jewelry ¬†option that I could wear to work and still feel like I was being my geeky self. (Not that I’m not my usual geeky self sans nerdy jewelry–but the jewelry does add some happiness and pride, right?)

What’s on your holiday wishlist?

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