A Year of Embracing My Inner-Nerd–OUTWARDLY

Middle Earth leggings + Batman pullover + Mockingjay Pin = PERFECTION
Middle Earth leggings + Batman pullover + Mockingjay Pin = PERFECTION

I do a lot of reading for self-improvement online. Blogs for entrepreneurs, blogs for job-hunting, blogs for travel. I love learning, and I’m always trying to better myself in different ways.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to be Rich, advocates naming each new year to give it a coherent theme. I love naming things (even intangible things), so this was an idea I could really get behind, regardless of whether or not it works. So I’ve decided to dub this year as:

The Year of Unabashed Nerdy-ness


Last year, I decided to turn my blog into my business card, and I did it successfully until I landed a job in my field. Then, unfortunately, I slacked off in the wake of new job responsibilities and stresses.

This year, however, my goal is to balance work life and blogging life. And in addition to that, I want to embrace my inner-nerd–outwardly. I have little geeky things sprinkled throughout my life. A Cthulhu plushie and a Luna-P bauble on my work desk, a “My Other Ride is a TARDIS” magnet on my car. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with others based on my overwhelming love of random stuff.

So this year, the Year of Unabashed Nerdy-ness, I want to become more outwardly nerdy. I want to rock my geeky t-shirts and amass more nerdy jewelry and really OWN my geek status in a way that bleeds seamlessly into who I am. I want to rock Pokeball earrings at work in the same way I rock my “Working my Puff into Tuff” tank top at yoga class.

My inner-nerd is a HUGE part of who I am and how I see myself. It’s time to let that inner-nerd out. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “A Year of Embracing My Inner-Nerd–OUTWARDLY

  1. I am totes in support of you doing this and will be doing something similar myself. 2014 is the Year of Ebs where I can and will do everything that I want to do and like with no shame.

    As one cosplayer said to me at NY Comic Con, let your freak flag fly!

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