Who’s excited about the Veronica Mars movie?

Hey there, peeps & marshmallows (or marshmallow peeps?)!

Let’s talk about Veronica Mars for a minute. For those of you not in the know, Veronica Mars was a fantastic tv show on UPN about a badass teenaged detective who solved a variety of mysteries. The show was intelligent, funny, heartwarming, and even terrifying. It tackled mature topics such as murder and the emotional toll of grief, rape, alcoholism, classism, racism, sexism, and the general unfairness of the world. The show was canceled abruptly after a season 3 cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering for years what happened to Veronica, her friends, her family, and her enemies.

For me, Veronica Mars was one of those tv shows that was more of a visceral experience than just a show I watched. I didn’t get into the show until after its cancellation–in fact my friend Sarah told me I HAD to purchase all 3 seasons off of Amazon and watch it immediately. (I did.)  During Summer vacation from college, Sarah and I would frequently powwow on the floor of the home she house-sat, watching hours of Veronica Mars and the extended version of Lord of the Rings  on the big screen tv. We bought snacks and pulled crazy all-nighters. It was fantastic.

During my senior year of college, my freshman sister would visit my campus apartment to watch all 3 seasons with me. We’d sip on sodas and order pizza and I’d enjoy watching Erin FREAK OUT and react to each new episode. I often returned to the series if I needed cheering up or a great show to watch while doing chores. However, like many fans, I wondered where the story would have gone if the show continued.

Then Kickstarter history happened. The show director, along with the majority of the original Veronica Mars cast, appealed to their fans to donate money to help make a Veronica Mars movie. I was one of the many (many MANY) fans that tossed funds in their bucket to make this dream a reality.  The fans, including me, raised over $2 million in less than 12 hours.

The Veronica Mars movie hits select theaters today! I’m definitely going, along with a close friend of mine and my sister!

Are you?



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