If My Blog Were An Outfit


In the last few days, I’ve seen a lot of posts like this in my feed (mostly on a number of truly awesome geek girl blogs), so I just had to do my own. Fortunately, rainy sunday afternoons are quite condusive to this kind of post.

Of the items posted, I own similar jeans, the pegasus ring, and the pokeball earrings. The rest I just day dream about.

Not all of my fandoms are represented here, but I think the ones I write about most often are well-displayed.

I’m currently tackling (obsessing over) Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so I had to represent with my piece of heart necklace. The pokeball earrings I own are a near-every-day staple, and one of the most complimented items of jewelry I’ve ever owned. Had to pay homage to my zombie love in a way that’s both fun and girly, and my love of writing in general is displayed with the Kate Spade typewriter purse that I wistfully salivate over on ebay. The mint converse slip-ons are on my to-buy list from Target, and the silver pegasus ring is the only item of jewelry that I wear every single day without fail. And of course, jeans are jeans are jeans. I’ve been wearing American Eagle jeans for about 10 years now and I still love them.

If my blog were an outfit


For those of you interested in the full thread of these “If my blog were an outfit” posts, check out all the geek ladies participating. Feel free to post a link to yours in the comments if I’ve missed it!

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5 thoughts on “If My Blog Were An Outfit

    1. Hey there, Paige!

      I just saw a giant influx of “If my blog were an outfit” posts and had to join in on the fun. What a creative idea! I will link to you as the originator of the idea. Thank you for stopping by!

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