I Splurged and Bought My First Ever Designer Bag

Oh man, guys. I just shelled out a truly embarrassing sum of money for the most “Kaitlin” purse I have ever seen or loved.

It all started around my birthday, when my mom offered to take me to Coach and buy me a designer bag as my present. I declined the offer at the time. I’ve never been a fan of Coach, and I’ve never been the kind of girl to love purses anyway.

I’ve been using the same black purse that I’ve had since my college days. But the idea of having a designer bag stuck in the back of my mind. Kicking about on Pinterest and the Interwebz, I stumbled upon this Kate Spade bag and was struck with a white-hot bolt of bag lust that I’ve never experienced before.

The “All Typed Up” purse by Kate Spade wasn’t even available in stores anymore. It was, however, for sale on Ebay and I spent a good month staring wistfully at it, featuring it in my “If My Blog Were An Outfit” post, and generally pining over it until my sister convinced me to suck it up and spend the money.

It was delivered to me over the weekend, and I’m still beside myself with happiness over it.

Check out my mad swag, yo!

11 thoughts on “I Splurged and Bought My First Ever Designer Bag

  1. I believe that every girl needs at least one good, sturdy, and absolutely adorable designer bag in their collection. They last forever! This one is so cute. <3

    1. Lol! My sister said the same thing regarding all my hard work for this upcoming event (which is this Thursday!!!!! Meep!). Thank you!
      P.S. Loved your first youtube installment!

  2. Aww, thank you, everybody! I was sort of self-conscious about making such an expensive purchase, and I’m honestly amazed to see so much support here in the comments. It definitely makes me feel better about splurging on something so pricey for myself.

    I feel like I’ve been inducted into a club! :-)

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