Sunday Funday: A Quick Link Round-Up

Photo courtesy of David McSpadden
Photo courtesy of David McSpadden

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m relaxing after a busy St. Patty’s day weekend of adventuring and nursing a cold. Fortunately, the weather is warming up considerably, and it seems that spring has finally sprung in Chicago.

This is a new blog series I’d like to try. Basically, a quick link roundup of interesting bits and bobs I’ve found on the internet lately. Sound good? Tally hoe, then!

Are you in need of a t-shirt featuring a cat flipping the bird? I know I am.

Did you know that a volcano in Costa Rica has been experiencing eruptions for the first time in 125 years?!? The ash has even shut down the international airport in San Jose.

Anyone regularly use hair oil to tone down frizz? I’m thinking of giving this hair oil a shot.

Apparently there’s a HUGE discrepancy in the face-shapes of male characters and female characters in Pixar films. Color me surprised.

Love lagunitas beer? (My bf and I have visited their brewery here in Chi-town). Here’s how they overcame a drug bust and experienced seriously drastic growth.

I’m a huge fan of both home tours and curiosities. One of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squid, combines both! Check out a few of her incredible apartment tours: living room (and adorable bike dress), vanity table, and home office. (I NEED a set of lockers in my future office!)

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