Sunday Funday Link Round-Up

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn
Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I spent yesterday taking my cat to the vet for some preemptive check ups, and shopping for a gala dress for a work event. Tomorrow, I’m spending some quality time with my sister in the city.

What did you get up to? Maybe you should check out some of these links and spice up your internet browsing.

And away we go…!

A company that makes exact plush replicas of your pets? Sign me up!

The International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club just celebrated their 2 year anniversary(!!!) and they have a great post about the evolution of their logo design.

I’m currently lusting over this delicate mountain-top necklace from Etsy.

This print describes my home life perfectly.

Need some inspiration for your morning routine? Check out this website dedicated solely to interviewing entrepreneurs and successful folks about their morning habits.

DC recently released a controversial design for the Batgirl Endgame comic, and backlash was so negative that they wound up pulling it. (I’ve read The Killing Joke, and I wasn’t a fan of the cover.) Take a moment to read and decide for yourself.

Please excuse my while I copy every adorable detail of this Portland home tour.

So let me know if you loved any of the links and have a great Sunday!

Geek Anxiety: When You Just Don’t Have Time to Love ALL THE THINGS

Photo courtesy of Sara V.
Photo courtesy of Sara V.

One of the best things about being a geek who’s active in a variety of online geeky communities is how much enthusiasm you encounter. John Green truly said it best when he said “Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it.”

This excitement and enthusiasm, coupled with a societal culture that has recently made traditionally obscure geek interests– like comic book heroes and video gaming–mainstream means that there is a never-ending supply of geeky television shows, movies, books, podcasts, toys, and games being introduced–and an equally countless number of nerds expressing their delight with said items. Read more

Sunday Funday: A Quick Link Round-Up

Photo courtesy of David McSpadden
Photo courtesy of David McSpadden

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m relaxing after a busy St. Patty’s day weekend of adventuring and nursing a cold. Fortunately, the weather is warming up considerably, and it seems that spring has finally sprung in Chicago.

This is a new blog series I’d like to try. Basically, a quick link roundup of interesting bits and bobs I’ve found on the internet lately. Sound good? Tally hoe, then!

Are you in need of a t-shirt featuring a cat flipping the bird? I know I am.

Did you know that a volcano in Costa Rica has been experiencing eruptions for the first time in 125 years?!? The ash has even shut down the international airport in San Jose.

Anyone regularly use hair oil to tone down frizz? I’m thinking of giving this hair oil a shot.

Apparently there’s a HUGE discrepancy in the face-shapes of male characters and female characters in Pixar films. Color me surprised.

Love lagunitas beer? (My bf and I have visited their brewery here in Chi-town). Here’s how they overcame a drug bust and experienced seriously drastic growth.

I’m a huge fan of both home tours and curiosities. One of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squid, combines both! Check out a few of her incredible apartment tours: living room (and adorable bike dress), vanity table, and home office. (I NEED a set of lockers in my future office!)

Write in the comments and let me know what you think!



Baby, what’s your sign

Photo courtesy of Nik Cyclist
Photo courtesy of Nik Cyclist

I recently had a really interesting discussion with a friend about horoscopes, and I thought I’d write about it here on the blog and see what you guys you thought about it.

As a kid, I was extremely interested in astrology. From the ages of 10-14, I spent an embarrassing amount of time on and learned everything I could learn about my personal star sign, Aquarius. (Being a bit of a romantic, I also focused a lot of energy learning about my so-called “perfect” romantic matches–Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra. Then I promptly fell in love with a Capricorn. Go figure.)

I was chatting with a friend recently about our respective signs, and how, despite my generally logical, science-minded approach to life, I consider myself a typical Aquarius. Read more

I Splurged and Bought My First Ever Designer Bag

Oh man, guys. I just shelled out a truly embarrassing sum of money for the most “Kaitlin” purse I have ever seen or loved.

It all started around my birthday, when my mom offered to take me to Coach and buy me a designer bag as my present. I declined the offer at the time. I’ve never been a fan of Coach, and I’ve never been the kind of girl to love purses anyway.

I’ve been using the same black purse that I’ve had since my college days. But the idea of having a designer bag stuck in the back of my mind. Kicking about on Pinterest and the Interwebz, I stumbled upon this Kate Spade bag and was struck with a white-hot bolt of bag lust that I’ve never experienced before.

The “All Typed Up” purse by Kate Spade wasn’t even available in stores anymore. It was, however, for sale on Ebay and I spent a good month staring wistfully at it, featuring it in my “If My Blog Were An Outfit” post, and generally pining over it until my sister convinced me to suck it up and spend the money.

It was delivered to me over the weekend, and I’m still beside myself with happiness over it.

Check out my mad swag, yo!

Who’s excited about the Veronica Mars movie?

Hey there, peeps & marshmallows (or marshmallow peeps?)!

Let’s talk about Veronica Mars for a minute. For those of you not in the know, Veronica Mars was a fantastic tv show on UPN about a badass teenaged detective who solved a variety of mysteries. The show was intelligent, funny, heartwarming, and even terrifying. It tackled mature topics such as murder and the emotional toll of grief, rape, alcoholism, classism, racism, sexism, and the general unfairness of the world. The show was canceled abruptly after a season 3 cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering for years what happened to Veronica, her friends, her family, and her enemies.

For me, Veronica Mars was one of those tv shows that was more of a visceral experience than just a show I watched. I didn’t get into the show until after its cancellation–in fact my friend Sarah told me I HAD to purchase all 3 seasons off of Amazon and watch it immediately. (I did.)  During Summer vacation from college, Sarah and I would frequently powwow on the floor of the home she house-sat, watching hours of Veronica Mars and the extended version of Lord of the Rings  on the big screen tv. We bought snacks and pulled crazy all-nighters. It was fantastic.

During my senior year of college, my freshman sister would visit my campus apartment to watch all 3 seasons with me. We’d sip on sodas and order pizza and I’d enjoy watching Erin FREAK OUT and react to each new episode. I often returned to the series if I needed cheering up or a great show to watch while doing chores. However, like many fans, I wondered where the story would have gone if the show continued.

Then Kickstarter history happened. The show director, along with the majority of the original Veronica Mars cast, appealed to their fans to donate money to help make a Veronica Mars movie. I was one of the many (many MANY) fans that tossed funds in their bucket to make this dream a reality.  The fans, including me, raised over $2 million in less than 12 hours.

The Veronica Mars movie hits select theaters today! I’m definitely going, along with a close friend of mine and my sister!

Are you?



The Year of Unabashed Nerdy-ness Continues!

I’m currently writing this at 2:33am because I have to be up in an hour for work, and I can’t sleep. I’ll be scheduling this post for later than that, but I thought I would let you know in case the writing gets a little loopy or something.

Anyway, as I sit on the couch next to my cat in the dark, I figure there’s no time like the present to tell about my continuing adventures in my YEAR OF UNABASHED NERDY-NESS!!!! Things are, indeed, going well.

For my birthday, my parents got me these amazing Pokeball earrings and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. FACT: Wearing Pokeball earrings will both get you many compliments, and help you make friends with random-but-awesome folks in the world.


The earrings are from an Etsy shop called Oh My Geekness, and you should stop whatever you’re doing and go visit it immediately. This girl’s geeky jewelry is AH-MAZE-ZING!

I don’t think you’ll find the Pokeball earrings among her inventory right now–she told my mom she was so backed up with orders for them that she had to take them off the site for awhile in order to catch up. However, she has a million and one other options to choose from.

I have my eye on the Piece of Heart necklace and the Ocarina of Time earrings, personally. :-)

And seriously, how awesome are these earrings???



A Year of Embracing My Inner-Nerd–OUTWARDLY

Middle Earth leggings + Batman pullover + Mockingjay Pin = PERFECTION
Middle Earth leggings + Batman pullover + Mockingjay Pin = PERFECTION

I do a lot of reading for self-improvement online. Blogs for entrepreneurs, blogs for job-hunting, blogs for travel. I love learning, and I’m always trying to better myself in different ways.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to be Rich, advocates naming each new year to give it a coherent theme. I love naming things (even intangible things), so this was an idea I could really get behind, regardless of whether or not it works. So I’ve decided to dub this year as:

The Year of Unabashed Nerdy-ness


Last year, I decided to turn my blog into my business card, and I did it successfully until I landed a job in my field. Then, unfortunately, I slacked off in the wake of new job responsibilities and stresses.

This year, however, my goal is to balance work life and blogging life. And in addition to that, I want to embrace my inner-nerd–outwardly. I have little geeky things sprinkled throughout my life. A Cthulhu plushie and a Luna-P bauble on my work desk, a “My Other Ride is a TARDIS” magnet on my car. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with others based on my overwhelming love of random stuff.

So this year, the Year of Unabashed Nerdy-ness, I want to become more outwardly nerdy. I want to rock my geeky t-shirts and amass more nerdy jewelry and really OWN my geek status in a way that bleeds seamlessly into who I am. I want to rock Pokeball earrings at work in the same way I rock my “Working my Puff into Tuff” tank top at yoga class.

My inner-nerd is a HUGE part of who I am and how I see myself. It’s time to let that inner-nerd out. What do you think?

A Geeky Girl’s Christmas Wishlist

Most girls have a Christmas wishlist. Mine is just nerdier than most. Here are some of the latest items I’m wishing will wind up in my stocking come Christmas morning.

1. Tiny TARDIS necklace

via thesistersruehl shop on

I’m in love with this adorable TARDIS necklace! It’s not over-the-top, so I could easily wear it to work and not worry about it being too abrasive.

2. Cozy Batman Pullover


Sometimes a girl wants to be warm and cuddly in a Batman sweater. And that girl is me. Need I say more?

3. Pokeball earrings

via aLilBitOfCute shop on
via aLilBitOfCute shop on

I want to be the very best…dressed when I have these earrings! Again, this is another subtle jewelry  option that I could wear to work and still feel like I was being my geeky self. (Not that I’m not my usual geeky self sans nerdy jewelry–but the jewelry does add some happiness and pride, right?)

What’s on your holiday wishlist?

Get Your Geeky Sweat On with These Sweet Nerdy Workout Shirts


Sometimes I get a really bad case of the “wants”. I see things on the internet. And I want to buy them. I WANT TO BUY ALL THE THINGS!

This is me.
This is me.

But I am poor. (Well, to be clear, I’m LESS poor with my new job than I was with my old job. But only slightly less poor.)

I cannot buy all the things. I can, however, post a bunch of them on my blog and then live vicariously through you while you BUY ALL THE THINGS. (Trust me, you will want to buy these things.)

Behold, the awesomeness of nerdy workout tanktops!

(P.S. All images are linked to places where you can purchase said tank tops. Because I love you.)

doctor“Seriously! There’s an outrageous amount of running involved!” Read more