The Early Bird Challenge

Photo courtesy of David Pacey
Photo courtesy of David Pacey

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily routine, and for a long time my morning rituals have been less-than-stellar.

Most days, my alarm goes off at 7am and I snooze for about 10 minutes, leaving me with just enough time to slap some make up on my face, toss my hair into some kind of acceptable up-do and run out the door at 7:30 to head to the office.

That’s not much of a morning routine, and it doesn’t set the stage for a fruitful or productive day. That’s why I’ve decided to hold myself to an early-rising challenge.

For the next three weeks, I’m going to wake up at 6am and GET.SHIT.DONE. Read more

Big Race Rundown


So this Saturday I ran my first race in AGES. It didn’t go as great as I had originally planned, but I was fairly satisfied nonetheless.

You see, I was super sick before leaving for Disney last weekend, and the week leading up to the race, I was just trying to get some proper rest. So I hadn’t run in about 2 weeks. Not a great way to go into any race.

I still managed to run all 5 miles without walking, and I finished in 54:27, according to the roster. Not too shabby considering how craptastic I felt while I was running.

It was a humid morning, and it took my until about mile 3 to really hit my stride. Today, as I’m writing this, my legs are still incredibly sore, but I’m proud to have run the race through to the end.

Now that I know I can do a full 5 miles, that puts my SIGNIFICANTLY closer to my 13 mile (half marathon) goal.



Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop

start-here-signThis is truly the beginning of something…interesting. Zombies for Breakfast (and Other Curiosities) is my bloggy little brainchild and I’m happy to be smashing the proverbial champagne bottle on this post.

Really, I’m looking forward to dumping all my silliness and day to day strangeness into one outlet, where I can sort it out via categories. If you’re actually considering following my blog (and I dare say you should. I’m awesome), there are some things you can expect to read about:

~My day to day life in Costa Rica


~My random obsessions

~Correct grammar (when it suits my needs), but more often than not, made up words

~My cat (Be Warned: I am a cat lady)

~Awesome nerdy stuff that I lovevaporeon-pokemon-card-rare

~Fun girly stuff


~Books and literature (The post title is a quote from Alice in Wonderland, by the way)

~Occasional health and yoga stuff

So if that sounds like something you can really get on board with, then come join me at the uncool kids’ table and maybe we can swap Pokemon cards (do you have any rare Vaporeons?).