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It’s cool. They know me here.

I’ve been known to write guest posts and columns in all areas of the interwebz. Here are my favorite places where I’ve been featured in the past:

Apockylypse – Geek Style at the Office

YesandYes.org – Mini Travel Guide: Costa Rica

Kate-Book.com Column “My CompliKAITed Life”


Can I hire you for copywriting? I do occasionally write copy for awesome people and rad products. You can hit me up via email to propose a project to me. Need some copywriting examples? Check them out here:

Can I link to your posts/content? Dear God, YES! Please feel free to link to me, with proper credit of course. Did you know, every time someone links to this blog, an angel gets a hotpocket?

How can I repost your content? I’ll allow it, but only if you credit me. If you steal my stuff and try to pass it off as your own, I will bring the wrath of the Mighty Cthulhu down upon your head.

Will you guest post on my blog? Maybe! I love doing guest posts when I have time. Head over to my contact page to get in touch and we’ll go from there.

Will you review my product/service/golden amulet of protection on your blog? Totally, if the aforementioned service or product is given to me free of charge. I’m also very honest with my readers about these things, and I’ll give a truthful review and tell them I received the item or service for free. It’s the responsible thing to do.


Looking for my bio? Feel free to use this one to your heart’s content.


Get Affiliated!

Dear reader, some of the links on this blog are Affiliate links, meaning I get a small monetary kickback when you click them or make a purchase. Thank you for helping fund my love of cat toys, craft beer and weird, vintage decor.

Interested in becoming affiliated with Zombies4Breakfast? Just contact me and we can hash out the dirty details.


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