In Defense of “Does it need saying?”

In defense of "Does it need saying?" An in-depth look at why it was absolutely necessary for the Doctor to refuse to say "I love you" to Rose Tyler

Or does it?

I think there’s a lot of resentment directed at Doctor 10 because of that one little phrase. What I’d like to point out, though, is that it was absolutely necessary for 10 to say those four angering little words.

Okay, imagine yourself as Rose for a moment. You’ve spent the last few YEARS trapped in a parallel universe, never knowing exactly what the Doctor was saying to you when he vanished.  Now your universes have collided again, after ages of planning and experimenting and guiding alternate-reality Donna, and you’ve FINALLY found the Doctor. Your Doctor. Is she even thinking about the 10 meta crisis clone? Probably not. The original Doctor is her only concern. They spend almost the entirity of “Journey’s End” side by side.

After Donna saves the universe and the Doctor drops everyone off in their rightful places, they return to Rose’s parallel universe and Bad Wolf Bay for a final goodbye. I do not think that Rose was expecting this. I think Rose was under the impression that once she found the Doctor, she would never leave him again. Yet here he is, dropping her off in a place already haunted with Rose’s memories of their last farewell.

And not only is the Doctor dropping her off (probably for forever), he’s trying to pawn his cheap knock-off on her too? That’s kind of infuriating! Read more